Terrace Room - 4,700 sq. ft.


The Shrine Auditorium Terrace Room can be everything you ever imagined, the perfect platform for a productive meeting, a paradise of elegance for a memorable banquet or a magnetic attraction for a successful trade show. The Terrace Room can be dressed to meet your needs and fulfill your highest expectations. You can route your guests through the Shrine Auditorium’s foyer or use the Terrace Room’s separate entrance directly off the main parking lot.

4,700 sq. ft., Seats up to 650 (chairs), 850 (standing), and 300 (tables & chairs)


  • For private events, tables and chairs are provided to accommodate up to 200 people – additional tables and chairs are available for an additional fee
  • Public events, such as trade fairs or other commercial enterprises that resell space or charge admission, incur a nominal charge per table, chair and electrical outlet
  • Built-in Public Announcement sound system is available for an additonal fee
  • Separate entrance available for guests
  • Free parking for hosts and guests


Monday - Thursday

Day Rate (8 a.m. - 3 p.m.): $925 and up

Evening Rate (5 p.m. - Midnight): $1,325 and up

Full Rate (8 a.m. - Midnight): $1,975 and up


Friday - Sunday

Full Rate (8 a.m. - Midnight): $2,575 and up


Prices and terms subject to change. The proceeds from the rental of the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium benefit Alzafar Shriners fraternal operations. Your payments are not charitable contributions.



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